Sprinkler Installation

The hot and dry weather of a Colorado summer can be tough on plants and your lawn. Installing an automatic sprinkler system can provide your lawn and landscaping with just the right amount of water to keep things green.

Provide for your outdoors by getting an irrigation system installed by SJ Ward Landscapes. 

You’ll fill your yard with life, and get to enjoy it without worrying about watering it yourself.

Planning & Design.

We come to your property and take measurements to build the best irrigation system for your particular yard. We configure so no part of your yard is being over- or under-watered, so you can enjoy its greenery for years to come.

Programming & Installation.

You can’t simply lay pipes and place heads and expect your sprinklers to work wonders. Our experts carefully adjust sprinkler heads and pressure to provide consistent coverage in sprinkler zones.

Sprinkler Tune-ups

If you have new landscaping or old, keeping it alive can be a challenging prospect, especially during Colorado’s hot, dry summers. An automatic sprinkler system can do all the hard work of watering on a schedule, and can even adjust watering levels based on recent precipitation! We’ve installed, repaired, and programmed hundreds of these systems, and are a trusted resource for installation and sprinkler maintenance in Northern Colorado.

Whether you need to install, upgrade, or tune-up your sprinkler system, SJ Ward Landscapes has the expertise to serve your needs. 

These systems will save hours of your time, and hundreds of your dollars spent on too much water.

Sprinkler Repairs

Let us install an automatic irrigation system at your home. We come to your home, make measurements, and design an ideal sprinkler configuration and schedule for your specific lawn and landscaping needs.

Sprinkler Enhancements.

A part of our maintenance programs, an SJ Ward sprinkler specialist will inspect your system for necessary repairs, re-calibrate for full coverage of your sprinkler zones, and recommend upgrades and adjustments.

Seasonal Sprinkler Services.

Sprinkler systems don’t cope with the drastic changes in temperature that Colorado experiences in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. We can winterize your complete system in the fall to protect it from freezing conditions that can cause serious damage.

Lawn Services

They might say grass is boring, but they must not enjoy the little things in life: picnics, playing catch, soaking up the summer sun… any of the things you can do on a beautiful, green lawn. Professional sod installation gets you a beautiful lawn that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

SJ Ward Landscapes’ Lawn Services Keep The Grass Greener On Your Side of the Fence. 

Contact us to discuss your lawn service with an expert at SJ Ward Landscapes today.

Sod Installation.

Our crews can refresh your home with high-quality sod. Whether you’re replacing an old lawn, or starting from scratch at a newly constructed house, installing sod can turn that outdoor space into an extension of your home.

Lawn Maintenance.

Like any plant, your lawn needs consistent care and attention to thrive! SJ Ward Landscapes provides vital services like lawn core aeration, fertilization, and de-thatching to keep air, water, and nutrients reaching your grass’ thirsty roots.

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