Custom Residential Landscaping

You won’t believe how much more you can love your home when there’s more to love. We specialize in building custom spaces where you can spend time with family, enjoy the views, and live a little outside.

SJ Ward Landscapes builds custom residential landscaping to suit any need. 

You’ll enjoy your time outside more, and see an increase in your property value. It’s an investment you get to enjoy every day.

Landscaping Design.

We analyze your goals and needs to craft an ideal landscape for you. We incorporate your location, home, and environment to design create outdoor spaces you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Landscape Build.

We have what it takes to make every ground-breaking groundbreaking. Our residential landscaping teams turn plans into beautiful and livable oases.


The sky is the limit for residential landscaping. There’s not much we can’t do to transform your residential space into the outdoors you’re dreaming of.

These are some of the common features SJ Ward Landscapes incorporates into custom residential landscaping:

Patios & Walkways.

The bedrock for using your outdoor spaces. SJ Ward Landscapes creatively uses natural and hardscape materials to design and build these fundamental landscaping elements.

Natural Stone.

Natural stone is a must in a state so deeply connected to the outdoors.This organic building material is great for creating relaxing natural landscapes… you’ll forget you’re in your own backyard.


For safety, security, and scenery. A low-voltage lighting system in your landscaping will highlight the focal points in your landscaping, while providing ample visibility for visitors.

Flower Beds.

Green is great, but flower beds add real color. Flower beds showcase thriving plants in your landscaping, and allow for more variety in creating attractive outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Kitchens.

Be the ultimate grillmaster. An outdoor kitchen by SJ Ward Landscapes is perfect for entertaining, built to suit your specific needs. We can incorporate grills, smokers, woodfire pizza ovens, and much more.


Concrete is a capable and adaptable material for any landscaping project. It requires virtually no maintenance over the years, and can be dyed and stamped to resemble cobbles, flagstone, and slate.


Keep out unwanted critters and prying eyes. SJ Ward Landscapes builds high quality fencing for any purpose: privacy, decoration, security. We work with vinyl and natural wood.


Meet your new favorite spot in the backyard. We design and build custom pergolas to accent your outdoors, and provide opportunities for crawling plants to make shade for you.

Retaining Walls.

Add variety to your landscaping. Terracing, fencing, and building beds with retaining walls is an attractive way to make your front and backyard landscaping more interesting and attractive.


If they aren’t the main event, plants are the supporting characters to any landscape. We use high-grade plants that will provide attractive landscape year-round.


. Custom decks incorporate your home and backyard design to create a comfortable in-between space for entertaining or spending afternoons.

Water Features.

Bring nature to town with waterfalls, rapids, and babbling brooks. These dynamic elements add movement and sound to your landscape, resulting in a more cozy and natural environment.

Fire Pits.

Don’t forget the marshmallows and graham crackers. These party-pleasers can be easily incorporated into your backyard landscaping to create spaces that you’ll want to spend time in, well after dark.


A certain kind of island oasis. We build custom structures of all kinds, and gazebos are no exception. Our designers can create your ideal gazebo.

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Hundreds of homeowners and property managers trust SJ Ward Landscapes with their landscaping, sprinklers, and maintenance. You can’t deny our high-quality of service, or our tenacity for creating beautiful and unique landscaping.

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