Residential Services

Just like your car needs new oil and replacement brakes from time to time, your sprinkler system requires maintenance to stay functioning at the best of its ability.

We know a lot about irrigation at SJ Ward Landscapes. Let us help you with your watering system.  

We’ll keep your sprinklers running strong to keep your landscaping green and growing.

Our residential irrigation maintenance services include:


Colorado’s freezing winter’s are a hazard to the pipes and heads of your sprinkler system. At the end of Fall, we clear sprinkler system of excess liquid to avoid cracks and breaks over the winter, a process known as sprinkler winterization or a blowout.


Your sprinkler system experiences a lot of wear-and-tear in its normal use, and over time, this can start to affect its performance. We inspect your system to find any leaks, inadequate coverage, or other issues you may have, and provide you with options to resolve them.

Sprinkler Startups.

If you’ve properly winterized your sprinkler, come Springtime it will need to be prepare to go back into use. We come out and perform this task for you, so you can be sure that your sprinkler system is correctly activated.


The technology around sprinklers is surprisingly agile, and every year there are new and better ways to make sure you’re plants are getting the water they need. We can recommend and install upgrades for your existing irrigation system so you can stay up to date.

Commercial Services

Protect your investment in your landscaping by maintaining its support: your sprinkler system. These systems are robust, but require maintenance to stay working in optimal condition.

Maintain your sprinkler system to keep your landscaping looking great for longer.  

Our year-round sprinkler maintenance service secures your irrigation, so you won’t have to worry about how your commercial property looks.

Our commercial sprinkler maintenance services include:


At the end of fall, we de-pressurize your sprinkler system and blow out any excess water, so it won’t freeze over the winter. Neglecting to winterize your sprinkler system can results in thousands of dollars of repairs, as freezing water expands and causes breaks and leaks.


Commercial landscaping sees a lot of wear and tear from customers and other passersby, and sprinkler heads are certainly no exception. We check your sprinkler system for any damage, or missed spots in your coverage, and provide a plan to get it up and running at 100%.

Sprinkler Startup.

Prepare your landscaping for the growing season with a sprinkler startup. We pressurize your sprinkler system, and turn the water back on, so your landscaping can start to bud.


The industrial sprinkler systems we use for commercial properties don’t see quite as many upgrades as residential sprinklers, but these devices are evolving as well. Ask about us smart sprinkler systems for your commercial property.

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