Residential Services

Keep your outdoors in top shape with SJ Ward’s landscaping maintenance services. We provide the necessary support your lawn, plants, and landscaping need to last for years.

Maintaining your landscaping compounds its value year after year. 

Create long-lasting outdoors with these residential landscaping maintenance services.

Landscape Maintenance.

Nearly every facet of your landscaping is subject to everything that nature can throw at it – wind, hail, snow, feet, branches, seeds… the list is endless. Maintenance keeps a check on the effect these things have, protecting your landscaping from falling into disrepair.

Lawn Maintenance.

Your grass is a living organism, and it needs support just like you and me! From keeping air and water flow to the root zone and maintaining protective thatch all the way up to keep it cut, fed, and thriving.

Sprinkler Maintenance.

Your sprinklers are the life support system for your landscaping. This crucial part of your outdoors has many moving parts, and as such is susceptible to breaking or wearing down over time. Irrigation maintenance includes preventative and corrective measures to protect and upkeep your system.

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